The pandemic has further shed light on the flaws in our social and political system, and has made us face the hard truth we can no longer turn our heads away from. Conceptually, the collection stems from questions I kept asking myself, and many others along with me, about how we should work for a better future, with better leaders and better communities. In addition to this, it comes from thinking about what comes after this, and how returning back to "normal" should be thought again; how much longer are people going to live by turning their heads away from the effects of the current capitalist system in place, especially on vulnerable groups and on the environment? Fashion can become another medium to catalyze change and help people move forward with it. 

The pieces created for this collection serve as messengers of an imagined better future after this global crisis. It aims to portray the hopeful story of a utopian, near post-COVID future in which humans realize how the current system in place harms the environment as well as others, and we all work collectively to tear it down and build a new one; one that stems from love and respect for our planet and, most importantly, each other. Using basic geometry and repetition, the collection features sustainable, minimal waste designs that serve as three-dimensional canvases for fine-art inspired, graphic illustrations that represent scenes of this imagined world. Some of these scenes include cities overgrown by trees, plants, and flowers, human embrace, lush landscapes, and representations of our connection to nature and living things.

Forastieri_PrintProcess2_05.18.20 copy.j